Hard Rock Hell heroes The Quireboys are stripping it back and playing it cool as they take their Unplugged tour across the UK this month. And guitarist Paul Guerin has agreed to give fans a glimpse of life on the road as he opens up his exclusive tour diary…


Imagine Tammy Wynette’s glitzy 70s touring caravan, a Dalek, Tutenkamen’s esophagus, an oversized duck, a bumper car, the Statue of Liberty and a giant ghoul in one room…well I’ve just described our dressing room at the Zephyr Lounge, Leamington Spa. Eccentric but a great place to hang before a show!

We’ve played here many times and it’s a great gig to play. It’s fantastic to see a venue always working on improving things – there’s a new stage and a new PA system so there’s no holding us back.

I’m pleased to say that we have our friends from Stockholm opening up for on this tour…The Gloria Story. If you can get to these shows early it’ll be worth your while. They haven’t brought the full band out on this trip as it’s an acoustic tour but they still make a great sound and their front man Filip really grabs the audience’s attention.

As anyone who has been to a Quireboys acoustic show will know we play a lot of songs that normally don’t feature in our electric shows. And on this tour we aim to add a bunch of songs that haven’t been on the list for a long, long time – perhaps some songs that we’ve never played live! It’s going to be some ride…

I’ve got a bit of man flu and nobody wants to see a grown man in a black velvet suit with his nose running like a tap. But a quick blast of Beechams sorted that little problem out. The show was a blast and we added Last Time into the set for good measure.

Talking of which time was tight and as usual it felt like the show was over too soon. It was great chatting to fans after the show and signing the vinyl – tommorow I’ll put lighter strings on my guitar as my fingers are killing me!

Chester next: another beautiful city and another great venue.

Paul x



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