The Quireboys are touring across the UK this month and guitarist Paul Guerin has proved Christmas does come early…offering an exclusive glimpse of life on the road.


You know those days when you wake up and you’ve got a song whizzing around your head and it stays with you all day? Well, today was that day.

Luckily it wasn’t Lessons In Love by Level flipping 42 – it was the theme tune from The Sweeney so I was on a roll! Must be missing my Jag…

Cutting straight to the chase Cannock (see what I did there) was unchartered territory for us. We’ve never been there but there was nowt to worry about – the club (The Station) was excellent and the chaps who run it were totally on the ball.

Our friend Mark Stanway and his lovely wife paid us a visit and we sank a few frothies  together. He had just quit Magnum the night before so it was a bit of an emotional rollercoaster of a night for him. But as usual he was in fine form lighting up the room with stories  about his time with Phil Lynott.

The Gloria Story played a blinder and the crowd loved them – part of their set involves them using a boom box with a drum machine which Gabrielle operates with a remote control! Anyhow, Spike was watching the band and said to me ‘It’s a bit odd that’s she’s texting someone during the show’.  Priceless…back of the net!

Our show went really well and the crowd were great. We’ll definitely be coming back here again!

Paul x



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