The Quireboys have been stripping it down and ramping it up across the UK this month on a must-see acoustic tour. On stage and off it’s been a typically memorable trip – and guitarist Paul Guerin has been  writing exclusively for HRH Mag so we don’t miss a thing!


I still think Edinburgh is one of the most beautiful cities in Europe. Way back in the day before the pubs were open all day in England me and my pals used to hire a van and go on away days to Edinburgh to sup as many frothies as we could. And, yes, it did used to get pretty messy. Ha ha – halcyon days!

When we pulled up at the hotel I realised the hotel next door was where I used to stay in the late 80s with the Red Dogs. It only seems like yesterday and also a lifetime ago. Great days: starving, skint but full of high hopes.

Tonight we played Bannermans situated in Cowgate and just off the Royal Mile. It’s a great part of the city and we love coming here.

We always have the air conditioning off when we play so it was always gonna be a scorcher. The dressing rooms are an apartment upstairs from the club and it’s full of fantastic food and enough drinks to quench an army’s thirst. I didn’t see The Gloria Story but they came to their dressing room drenched and they had the A/C on – so we were in for a treat!

Showtime and the place was rammed – sold out. We have to walk through the crowd to get to the stage at Bannermans but that’s brilliant. Christian, who runs the club, announced that we were coming and parted the crowd like a rock n roll King Cnut (hope I’ve spelled that right!).

Alan Clayton introduced us and we were off – great sound onstage and everyone was singing. As expected it was so hot it was hard to breathe but if our fans can take it the we can take it.

Encore time and it would have been daft to leave the stage, wade through the crowd and then try and get back. So we just stayed on and finished with I Don’t Love You Anymore. Not a dry eye in the house-  or a dry anything else come to think about it!

Then it was back to the dressing room to ring our clothes out then grab a couple of drinks with friends. Fantastic night, Newcastle tomorrow. Back in the Toon! Bring it on!

Paul x



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