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Can it really be 37 years since Teutonic powerhouse Grave Digger burst onto the scene and did their bit as continental Europe sought to rival the unstoppable progress of the NWOBHM movement?

In 1984 the band was having a Heavy Metal Breakdown but fast forward to 2017 and Grave Digger have been Healed By Metal. Haven’t we all?

But if you’re still suffering from the pain induced by plastic pop, generic jazz or, heaven forbid, rap rock (think the criminally uncreative Crazy Town) then it’s not too late. Germany’s Grave Digger can – and will – perk you up like a double Jägerbomb or a hot date with Doro Pesch.

Its healing qualities surely unrivalled, this is a record that does what it says on the tin. A series of short, sharp blasts of trad metal paying homage to Saxon, Priest, Tygers et al make for a retro-fuelled romp through the ages.

Lawbreaker even features the revving motorcycle intro., relentless chorus, breakneck riffs and liberal references to ‘metal’. Rob Halford’s lawyers must be checking the small print as we speak.

It would be remiss to describe Grave Digger as back from the dead: they’ve never been away. But Healed By Metal breathes new life into a genre that’s long since proved to be indestructible.


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