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(Bad Touch Records)


Bad Touch remain a good bet for those tipping British rock’s next big thing. And Truth Be Told is an honest attempt at breaking into the mainstream.

But has it got the wow factor of terrific 2014 debut Half Way Home? Not quite.

The Chris Kimsey remixed 99% and Made To Break are – make no mistake – two bona fide belters.

Radio friendly, chorus-driven and featuring stunning Stevie Westwood vocals, it’s little wonder the legendary Rolling Stones co-producer handpicked a brace of future Bad Touch classics on which to work his technical wizardry.

Both will be brilliant live when the band hit the road with Broken Witt Rebels later this year and both stand toe to toe with their very best work.

Opener One More Night – with its obvious Black Crowes refrain – is another sure-fire fan favourite and the funky groove underpinning Heartbreaker Soulshaker is an unavoidable brainworm.

But too much of Truth Be Told lacks the verve and ambition that made Bad Touch such an exciting prospect three years ago. It’s safe, rather than sexy. Steady, rather than full throttle rock and roll bombast.

When it’s good it’s great. But when it’s bad it’s just not Bad Touch.