Thrash metal titans Tankard are seven songs down in their bid to trump 2014’s critically acclaimed R.I.B..

And the genial Germans have revealed their latest opus will be called One Foot In The Grave with a release slated for spring/summer 2017.

Frontman Andreas ‘Gerre’ Geremia said: “At the moment I have seven songs ready. It’s a great pleasure to work with Martin (Buchwalter, producer) for the very first time.

“He really kicks my ass so I have a lot of work to do! I really look forward to having a great result with which to celebrate our 35th birthday. Senile with style!”

Tankard entered Gernhart Studios in Troisdorf with Buchwalter (Destruction, Accuser, Suidakra) earlier this month. The guitars, bass and drums are done with Gerre adding the finishing touches.

The cover artwork will once again be created by Patrick Strogulski.


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