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(Fysisk Format)

Hardcore covered in a blanket of frost, black metal injected with punk aggression… Sibiir’s debut is chilling and stirring in equal parts, like being trapped in the middle of a snowstorm.

When the quintet sharpen their blades and go for the jugular, the results can be pretty spectacular: Guillotines, with its furious tempos and blackened chord progressions, is explosive, sending shards of ice in all directions, while Beat Them To Death is even more direct, leaning in some places towards the chaotic, rabid assaults favoured by Converge.

White Noise, meanwhile, sees Sibiir steering into sludgy waters, its riffs heavy enough to drag you under, before you’re propelled back to the surface thanks to an expected rush of searing BM.

However, at times the Norwegians’ debut flounders, especially when the band’s tense, bleak workouts (The Spiral, for instance), fail to ignite, yet somehow still leave you emotionally drained.

But while Sibiir may still need to hone their songwriting, to trim a little fat here and there, their first opus is a confident opening statement… and hints at greater things to come.


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