Out February 3

(Rise Records)

Meet Boba Sett, Bass Commander, Dark Vader, Shadow Ranger and Red Guard. They could easily have missed their turn en route to the latest Star Wars convention (just ask the HRH Mag editor) or they could simply be five blokes who like nothing more than dressing up as a quintet of the Galaxy’s most feared villains.

In fact they’re better than that. They are four rock musicians who have devoted their careers to giving Star Wars a heavy metal makeover. If this sounds like your idea of paradise then it probably is: think Alderaan before it was blown to smithereens by Jyn Erso’s Death Star or the luscious forest moon of Endor post-Rebel victory. And think of either of those iconic planets set against the soundtrack that John Williams never dared to unleash.

Eleven fret-fuelled instrumentals breathe new life into the iconic music that persuaded generations to part with their hard earned cash in exchange for little plastic figures that might still be worth something now had they never been removed from their boxes.

Metal-infused versions of The Imperial March, the classic Cantina Band jam and The Forest Battle almost seem fitting now that Rogue One has ushered in a darker, more doom-laden era.

And if you’ve never heard the Star Wars Main Theme delivered Galactic Empire style then you’ve never lived.

This might be both the silliest and the most vital release of 2017.