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There are few voices in rock that resonate with the late 80s MTV crowd quite like Jack Russell’s. And the great news is – the Great White frontman’s still got it.

Of course he’s not actually the singer in Great White these days. And this isn’t a Great White record.

As a result of an acrimonious legal battle, the main man on hit singles Once Bitten, Twice Shy,  The Angel Song and Save Your Love is no longer allowed to play under the name that delivered his fame.

He is, however, entitled to stick his own name in front of Great White’s. But that’s enough of a situation so ridiculous it could have been plucked straight from the script of Spinal Tap. As an album He Saw It Comin’ (cryptic title and all) is worthy of the old Great White, the new Great White and any Great White in between.

Opener Sign Of The Times is definitive Russell and the astute decision to recruit Tony Montana (the bass player reinvented as a guitarist and keyboard player!) gives everything here added bite.

Love Don’t Live Here and My Addiction are fine examples of the frank, honest songwriting at the heart of He Saw It Comin’ and there’s a genuine maturity about a record that keeps the listener guessing.

What’s in a name, after all? On this evidence – everything and nothing.


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