Out Feb 17


Filling the (albeit narrow) void between Airbourne and Bonafide, any fan of any era of AC/DC will happily sell the family silver for a copy of the wonderful Wild At Heart.

It’s balls-to-the-wall rock and roll with a punky edge and a dark blues soul that does what every great debut should: The Wild’s fearless songwriting drills deep into the consciousness and doesn’t let go.

It’s no surprise that Mike Fraser’s imprint is writ large over the Canadian crew’s impressive audition for enormodome superstardom. AC/DC’s long-time producer can pick a groove-laden garage rock anthem a mile off and he’s found a whole bunch of them here.

Frontman Dylan Villain (love the fact that Mr and Mrs Villain found a name to rhyme) has it all – the snarling vocals, authenticity and self-deprecation necessary to make it big in the music business. And he’s backed by a band that simply refuses to take its foot off the pedal.

There is the odd lighter moment on Wild At Heart and don’t rule out a genuine weepy ballad in the future. But it’s when British Columbia’s finest really rock out – check out lead single Ready To Roll – that it becomes evident that this lot really can be the next big thing.



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