Straight off the back of their critically acclaimed European tour with Insomnium last month, Finnish progressive death metal outfit Barren Earth have returned home to start preparations for the follow-up to 2015’s On Lonely Towers.

The band will be joined at Woodshed Studios in March with producer V. Santura.

Vocalist Jón said: “We are working towards a darker and more aggressive feel, which we attempt to express both experimentally and with a good dose of blunt force!”

Bassist Oppu added: “The melodic and melancholic side is naturally still there but spiced with a touch of anger and groove. I’m also looking forward to working with Victor, since we all appreciate his previous work.

“It also is the first time Barren Earth has worked with a proper producer and we are very excited about the idea of bringing somebody else into the mix and seeing where that takes us.”

V. Santura added: “I am really excited about working with Barren Earth! The guys are fantastic musicians and the demo material I’ve heard so far sounds very promising.”


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