It’s been a year in the making but NWOBHM throwbacks Night Demon are finally ready to unleash new album Darkness Remains this spring.

The hard-hitting trio admitted keeping their new long player under wraps was the biggest challenge the band faced in 2016.

But the band said: “It’s about time we released a new album! It’s been quite the whirlwind for us touring the world over the last two years on Curse of the Damned. We really wanted to give the existing fans a chance to digest that album and have a chance to see it live a few times.

“We have been prepping for the new record for more than a year and now the moment is upon us to unleash this beast for one and all!

“We’re very excited to continue our road journeys with some new material for the faithful, and the newcomers. Night Demon is coming for you in 2017!”

Darkness Remains sees members Jarvis Leatherby (vocals/bass), Armand John Anthony (guitar), and Dusty Squires (drums) honing their songwriting chops. Not only has the band’s overall sound matured but the individual members have carved out their own niches, sharpened their attack and even taken some chances along the way.

In addition to the upcoming album and touring, Night Demon remain active in their charitable efforts and have just launched the campaign for their annual Metal Cares programme.

They added: “At least once a year we do a campaign for the Night Demon Metal Cares shirt.  Each year has a new design and they have ended up being some of the best merch we’ve done.

“This year our big brothers in Cirith Ungol have gotten in on the action to combine forces with us for an amazing T-shirt for the 2017 edition of Metal Cares. Recently our efforts have been focused on scholarships for the underprivileged in our community – working with the YMCA and Merch Relief in aiding victims of natural disasters and that is the focus of this new design.

“The current campaign runs from February 22 until March 3. All profits will go to worthy causes! Shirts are produced in response to pre-order and will print/ship once the campaign ends – at which time this exclusive design will be gone!”

Darkness Remains is out on April 24 via Steamhammer/SPV.


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