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(Frontiers Records)

With Worlds Collide and Down The Rabbit Hole, it was clear Unruly Child had plenty left in the locker and the decision to fuse the new with the old – the band’s most recent line-up joining forces with its original members – has ushered in an exciting new era.

Marcie Michelle Free might have imagined this unlikely love-in between the past and the present but even she couldn’t have hoped for a record as powerful and passionate as Can’t Go Home. And Unruly Child’s colourful figurehead responds in style with a vocal tour de force befitting this special album.

There’s a hint of classic Scorpions at the heart of Four Eleven and Driving Into The Future combines a red hot riff with an unsurprisingly optimistic refrain. But the pick of the bunch must be the brilliant Get On Top – the signature guitar sound and harmonised vocals owe much to Hysteria-era Leppard but there’s much, much more to a funky, soulful slice of polished hard rock.

See If She Floats is disappointingly weak but the beautiful ballad She Can’t Go Home is a work of melodic rock genius. Free is equally at home delivering the slow and the serene as she is the aggressive and the anthemic: there’s plenty of both here.


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