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(Nuclear Blast)

Restless and Live – a hefty DVD/Blu-ray/double CD package – is something Accept simply needed to get out there. Culled from 2015’s Bang Your Head!!! Festival, it showcases ‘new’ members guitarist Uwe Lulis and drummer Christopher Williams, and puts a heavy emphasis on the post-Udo era, with the Blood of the Nations, Stalingrad and Blind Rage albums all featuring prominently.

More than just a stop-gap between studio efforts, this recording is a declaration of pride in the Germans’ recent achievements… and brims with confidence.

With 27 tracks included, there’s certainly plenty to get your gnashers into. Of course, Fast As A Shark and Restless And Wild are aired in all of their exhilarating glory – and Balls To The Wall rounds things off in typically feisty fashion. However, the likes of Stalingrad and Stampede give Accept’s older material a run for its money and then some, proving that in their current incarnation, the quintet boast plenty of guts and energy.

Vocalist Mark Tornillo’s performance may be a little inconsistent (Midnight Mover doesn’t exactly suit his rasp, for instance) but Lulis and founder Wolf Hoffmann more than make for that by putting in on one hell of a show. The axeslingers keep it tight and taught, forging riffs from pure steel and launching them straight at a baying crowd: 200 Years, Final Journey and Teutonic Terror in particular demonstrate the duo’s prowess.

OK, so over the two discs, there are a few duds (Son Of A Bitch, The Curse), but for the most part Restless And Live is Accept in full swing, taking metal to the masses and loving every sweaty minute of it.


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