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For fans of polished late 80s pop rock – Richard Marx, Survivor, Toto et al – power ballad Heaven Is Right Here is a powerful and joyous statement of truth. It harnesses that heady mix of inoffensive melody, faux emotion, sickly sweet lyrical content and throwaway riffs that made MTV millions and forced the grunge movement to mobilise en masse.

But Lionville don’t stop there. The piano-led One More Night is almost nauseating in its shamelessly retro refrain and when the band insist ‘The best is yet to come’ on All I Want they appear to believe every word.

Secret admirers of Starship will absolutely love everything about Lionville. It’s the record Roachford could have made had he truly believed in the power of hair metal. And Mr Marx is sure to high five singer Stefano Lionetti (really) should two bastions of a much-maligned genre ever meet.

It’s difficult to imagine Lionville Living On The Edge but they sing about it anyway. In fact, they play it so safe it’s like listening to rock wrapped in a hi-vis jacket.


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