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Canadians Danko Jones are the mailmen of hard rock: they always deliver. Whether as an infectious live act – playing alongside Guns N Roses, Motorhead, The Rolling Stones and Ozzy Osbourne – or studio veterans with 21 years of experience, their music continues to resonate with fans across genres and across the globe.

Wild Cat is another wonderfully brash and brilliantly conceived set. It’s almost like a concept album for the courting couple with a succession of riff-fueled odes to dating, dancing and more. My Little RnR is catchy in the extreme but it’s the Lizzy-like You Are My Woman that proves Danko Jones can still pen a stone cold classic rock and roll song.

Frontman and founder Danko might prefer to rock out in front of a festival crowd but with Juno Award-winning producer Eric Ratz in his corner he sounds feistier than ever. In fact Wild Cat is a whisker away from being the purr-fect Danko Jones record.


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