As we continue to count down to HRH AOR V here’s another classic review from the archives. Today we look back on House Of Lords’ 2014 set.


The super cool House Of Lords strutted across the Haven stage like preening peacocks – all style, colour and painstakingly arranged harmonies. It must have disappointed perfectionist frontman James Christian, therefore, when problems with the drum kit forced three unscheduled delays.

The most prominent affected the intro to Love Don’t Matter with the ballad rudely interrupted after a matter of seconds. Christian looked utterly non-plussed as he mumbled something about ‘losing something’. At this point that something was in danger of being the crowd.

But HOL are too experienced to allow the odd technical glitch to get in the way of a good show. And that’s just what this was – in the end.

The second half of the set was stunning with Permission To Die, Can’t Find My Way Home and the rousing I Just Wanna Be Loved perfect examples of why this band really should have been the next big thing.

HRH AOR II, Camp HRH, March 2014


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