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(Sumerian Records)

Witness Betraying The Martyrs at first hand and you’ll know just how much passion the band put into their performances: the Paris-based sextet may be tech-savvy, may have been occasionally lumped into the djent scene but their delivery is a pure hardcore, with Leicester-born vocalist Aaron Matts spearheading their assault.

What they’ve arguably lacked are the songs to match their stage presence. The Resilient, however, will change that, as their third album marks a huge step forward in the band’s writing prowess.

There is the odd dud (closer Wide Awake feels clunky compared to the rest of this opus) but we’ll let that slide, as The Resilient is a real landmark for this talented band.

It’s almost perfectly balanced: there’s the potent combination of clean and ‘core’ vocals, the deft use of keyboards to complement Baptiste Vigier and Lucas D’Angelo’s churning riffs, a rhythmic agility that allows the band to switch between harsh and melodic passages with ease. Plus, while they might have sharpened their hooks, Betraying The Martyrs have lost none of their adrenaline-fuelled ferocity – just a few seconds of the record’s title track proves that.

With its bombastic choruses and pristine production, The Resilient is triumphant, arena-level metalcore that should see Betraying The Martyrs scaling new heights. And at the very least, tracks such as Dying To Live and the poignant, emotionally-charged Take Me Back should awaken more metalheads to the band’s potential.