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Tired of hearing the same old Toto hits over and over again? Journey starting to jar after all these years? Actively seeking Survivor’s heirs apparent? A decade on from their False Metal debut and the brilliant Brother Firetribe are ready to explode onto the AOR scene with the career-defining Sunbound.

Such is the melodic rock mastery underpinning a truly magnificent album that it’s impossible to believe this classy quintet hails from Finland – rather than the US West Coast. Almost every song here should be a huge hit: the anthemic Indelible Heroes, titanic Taste Of A Champion and emotive Restless Heart are the perfect place to start but the polished pop rock just keeps on coming.

Nightwish guitarist Emppu Vuorinen goes to town on Sunbound as he slides across his fretboard like a Californian surfer catching the crest of the perfect wave. Many of the solos here might sound like they’re from a different era – and a different continent – but the reality is they’re right here, right now. And for that, fans of classic AOR should be eternally grateful.

Records like this don’t come around too often. When they do it’s cause for wild celebration. Brother Firetribe restore the faith and keep the melodic rock flag flying. Sunbound or glory bound? You decide.


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