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(RatPak Records)

KXM is a cerebral collaboration that laughs in the face of genre classification. By rights members of Kings X, Lynch Mob and Korn don’t belong together: funk-tinged progressive rock, hair metal and nu-metal have never been easy bedfellows and every so often Scatterbrain evidences why.

In truth its sound is occasionally jarring and often jumbled. Overall, however, it’s the sense of pure creative freedom that makes this a memorable return for dUg Pinnick, George Lynch and Ray Luzier. There are no concessions, no nods to commercialism and no corners cut. In fact it’s an even more ambitious album than 2014’s critically acclaimed debut.

Not A Single Word serves up a funky mix of Faith No More and Living Colour while Panic Attack is about as doom-laden as it gets – albeit featuring some of the finest shredding we’ve heard in a long while.

Rockers with an open mind will be richly rewarded for sticking with a demanding and unforgiving album. Those who prefer their music neat and tidy walk away now.

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