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As the rock and roll community continues to mourn the late, great Rick Parfitt it’s perhaps fitting that Status Quo’s signature sound continues to enjoy a comprehensive reboot via a succession of vinyl re-releases.

A timely reappraisal of Parfitt’s very best work seems perfectly appropriate and there’s never been a better opportunity to dig deep where one of Britain’s best loved musicians and his band is concerned.

Of course fans of the legendary Londoners will own every one of the albums featured in this comprehensive collection. So what’s new? Twelve heavyweight discs – with the original albums repackaged in pristine (and more robust) covers and boasting original artwork – will tempt the collectors out there. And the curators of this beautiful box set have done a wonderful job bringing Parfitt’s best work to the fore for the umpteenth time.

However, it’s Disc 12 that’s the real treat. The last of the records here is devoted to rarities – and it’s a fantastic introduction to the quirkier side of Quo with everything from unearthed B-sides to mini Best Of mega mixes and extended versions of familiar classics.

It would be easy to get lost in this mountainous pile of Quo and there will be some who find the bonus disc just a little too gimmicky for its own good. But miss these hidden gems – often showcasing the band’s lighter side – and it really would be a case of missing out. Even the cheesy charity single Running All Over The World finds its place: there’s no doubt this box set is a marathon rather than a sprint but save some energy for the finish line.

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