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(Nuclear Blast)

Overkill may be grizzled vets but despite all of the scars and the years of ups and downs, these Jersey boys sound far from weary on album number 18.

The US quintet can still conjure that street suss, that raw attitude, which set them apart all those years ago. And they still fly the flag for straight up, ballsy thrash metal. Want the evidence? Just listen to aggro-fuelled opener Mean Green Killing Machine or the quickfire Red White and Blue, which punches your skull into splinters.

Of course Bobby ‘Blitz’ Ellsworth leads Overkill’s charge: the guy has a love it/hate it voice, granted – and the slightly silly Goddamn Trouble does him few favours – yet you’ll be hard pushed to find a more passionate vocalist in thrash, and Andy Sneap succeeds in bringing the singer’s punky snarl to the fore.

*Read the full review in Volume I of HRH Mag – out NOW!


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