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Creating a compelling, imaginative post-metal album in 2017 – one that really stands out – is a challenge. Plough this particular musical furrow and you’ll always draw the obvious comparisons. And if we were being lazy, we would suggest that Tempest sounds like a collision between Explosions In The Sky and Deafheaven.

Yet Telepathy’s sophomore opus – though occasionally flirting with instrumetal clichés – is a fraught, intriguing piece of work, an album that builds a feeling of isolation and dread, aided by a slew of crushing riffs and a claustrophobic atmosphere. Celebration of Decay personifies this and rather than simply being a series of quiet/loud, melodic/heavy juxtapositions, it jerks the listener out of their comfort zone by peppering them with jarring percussive bursts: the doomier Smoke From Distant Fires employs a similar technique.

Indeed, drummer Albert Turek’s versatility gives the Colchester quartet a valuable extra dimension; closer Metanoia may begin with waves of shimmering guitars, but it’s Turek’s explosive rhythms, his vision and sense of imagination, that makes the track something special.

There’s an astonishing beauty to Tempest too: Water Divides The Tide, for instance, sounds almost hopeful – even with the band’s black metal influences coming into play.

And while Telepathy may have a tendency to meander at times, there’s enough depth and vitality here to catch the attention of post-metallists on a global scale.

A storm is surely coming…


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