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Mortal Sin aside, Australia isn’t exactly known for producing quality thrash acts. Harlott, though, are going some way to altering that perception.

With Proliferation, the Melbourne outfit created 2015’s surprise package, its instant impact helping them to bag a European tour with Annihilator. And thankfully, Extinction offers more of the same: taught, hyper-aggressive thrash, skilfully executed and for the most part, more than a match for what’s being produced by Harlott’s US contemporaries.

With one foot in San Francisco Bay and the other in the Rhine, Harlott are technically outstanding, boasting an innate understanding of the structures and dynamics that produce great thrash metal, while pumping the veins of each song with pure adrenaline. Plus, in Andrew Hudson, they have a vocalist who can (almost) match Tom Araya for rapid-fire vocal delivery. The results of this?  Violent, flesh searing tracks such as First World Solutions and Conflict Revelation – the latter one of the finest thrashers you’ll hear this year.

Harlott’s third record isn’t without its flaws: there’s a feeling of ‘been here before’ on closer Epitaph and the quartet, at times, fling a few too many riffs at a song rather than using their best hooks efficiently. However, these minor quibbles are forgotten as soon as Final Weapon takes aim at your ear drums.

Extinction? Not a likely scenario for these talented Aussies.


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