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Eighteen months in the making and boasting an array of European talent, The Unity’s self-titled debut makes a passionate case for melodic power metal. An exceptionally tight twin guitar attack – launched by co-founder Henjo Richter and Stef E – pays homage to the genre’s 80s roots and there’s a sense of retro goodness at the heart of a technically impressive record.

However, on the soaring Firesign it’s clear The Unity aspire to challenge modern masters Dragonforce and Firewind. A punchy vocal, sweeping keys and a crunching riff outline the quintet’s manifesto in five musclebound minutes and it’s immediately clear this is a band that doesn’t lack confidence.

And the self-belief should come as no surprise. Gamma Ray duo Richter and Michael Ehré have been around the block far too many times to deliver anything less than a strident statement of power metal intent and The Unity’s polished debut is a compelling piece of work.

Vocalist Gianba Manenti evokes classic Geoff Tate on the Queensryche-esque Always Just You and it’s the Italian’s impressive versatility that makes this record such an intriguing proposition. A strong presence in Ehré’s former group Love.Might.Kill, the assured frontman takes his game to the next level with The Unity.

At times an ambitious album needs to break free from genre preconceptions and opener Rise And Fall is a mundane choice to kick things off. However, when The Unity spread their wings and allow their creative intuition to shine (check out the groove-laden Redeemer) theirs is a sound that breathes new life into melodic metal.


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