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Terminus is a triumphant second EP for Aphemia: this is a diverse and compelling set boasting a unique balance of industrial and prog metal. Despite comparisons to Celldweller and Nine Inch Nails, the electronic aspects take a backseat to harmony-laden choruses and prog influenced guitars.

Each of the five tracks are well crafted, with a slick blend of vocal hooks and heaviness. Bring Me Back hops between genres, channeling an angsty nu-metal vibe in the verses and a vivid melodic chorus hook. One of the strongest tracks on the EP is Denial, where the heavy riffs of guitarist Tom Gill and bassist Gav Archer take centre stage in the song’s instrumental opening.

Aphemia have found an excellent balance in their music. Their dynamic sound will appeal to a variety of listeners – the heavier elements are not too imposing but the tracks retain a grittiness to satisfy metal fans.

Rick Harwood’s synth work is a consistent highlight as he peppers each track with subtle melody to create a special atmosphere. Nevertheless, the music is vocal centric and lead singer Frank Howell is the perfect fit – reminiscent of Blue Stahli’s Bret Autrey with definite Devin Townsend influences.

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