HRH Mag‘s Simon Rushworth is a latecomer to the HRH Ibiza Road Trip but after donning his denim Speedos and slapping on the factor 666 suncream he dived right in. Here’s the Day One wrap.


Ibiza Rocks – Really

Hit the road from Ibiza airport into San Antonio and every other billboard is announcing the 2017 opening parties for the biggest clubs in the world. But if you think Space is a place where the moon is and you prefer denim and leather to dummies and glow sticks then is this really the island for you? Right now – yes. The HRH Ibiza Road Trip (now in its eighth cycle) has become a traditional early summer celebration of all things loud and proud with bike rides, pool parties and more complementing a typically eclectic line-up featuring everyone from blues rocker Bernie Marsden and hair metal heroes Reckless Love to alt rockers Hvmm and Aussie pirate metal crew Lagerstein. Imagine the perfect cocktail of rock with an HRH cherry on the top.


Metal Back In Fashion

For the HRH regular (setting aside those who basked in the Hammerfest sun earlier this year) a thermal vest, waterproof, hardy leather jacket and comedy hat are festival essentials. Add 15 degrees to the average spring temperature in Wales, Sheffield and Birmingham and the biggest challenge is what to wear on this sweltering Spanish isle. Well you could go for the oversized blonde wig, leopard print Lycra and cowboy boots (and that’s just the blokes) or you could be really brave and seize the opportunity to wear cut off shorts and that classic band vest that’s been tucked away at the back of the rock drawer for three decades. Or, if you’re Olli from Reckless Love, go topless.


Hell’s Gazelles Up The Pace

Every festival needs that no-holds-barred, high energy main stage opener and a band hailing from the spires of Oxford were determined to educate the HRH Ibiza Road Trip crowd in 80s-inspired party metal. Hell’s Gazelles might have settled on an odd choice when looking for something to rhyme with Hell (last time we looked the Devil had never been seen riding an antelope across the African savannas) but what’s in a name? Ratt did ok back in the day and it’s their brand of US West Coast hair metal – mixed with the ferocity of British hard rockers Heaven’s Basement – that underpins the Hell’s Gazelles’ infectious sound.


Heart And Sole Of The Party

He’s a summer festival staple: the loveable long-haired rock and roll rogue who hasn’t slept for four days before launching into a sun-baked poolside bender at breakneck speed. Heartbreak Remedy’s drummer Stephen may be a hardy veteran of the Ibiza Road Trip and yet he was happy to play the part of hapless rookie by sinking one too many Spanish beers, falling fast asleep on his sun lounger by 5pm and missing every one of the opening night bands. Worse than that, he lost his shoes and now faces the long trek back to the North West of England in bare feet. Think you can help? Donate to the Hard Rock Heel fund via reception at the Hotel Brisa.