The eighth cycle of HRH Ibiza Road Trip is in full swing. HRH Mag’s Simon Rushworth delivers the Day Two Wrap.


Tyred And Exhausted

It was the morning after the night before and yet HRH head honcho Jonni D looked fresh as the proverbial daisy as he grabbed his helmet and saddled up to lead this year’s bike ride through Ibiza. Linking up with the local chapter and spending six hours criss-crossing the island, the visiting bikers put the ‘road’ into the Ibiza Road Trip, burning rubber under the afternoon sun. As one leather-clad James Dean lookalike said: “If all that drunken banter around the pool is driving you around the bend then there’s no excuse: get a licence by next year and hit the road. It makes HRH miles better.” Just remember to park the puns.


Taxi For Hvmm

Ever jumped in a taxi after a heavy night with your best mate and agreed to share with two complete strangers? A potentially awkward trip is saved by a mutual love of music. The talk turns to Led Zeppelin. You swap numbers. And within a week a band is born. That’s Hvmm’s story in a nutshell and a little more than a year down the line the alt rockers from Worcester were rubbing shoulders with Phil Campbell and Bernie Marsden backstage at the HRH Ibiza Road Trip. Fashionably cool and musically quirky, the fast-rising quartet could easily carve out a niche as festival favourites…if guitarist Ebony can get time off from making pork pies.


Stairway To Heaven

Here at HRH Mag we don’t just talk the talk. We walk the walk. All the way to the top of the stunning fort that looks down on Ibiza old town – aka Dalt Vila. It’s a UNESCO World Heritage site and in honour of the HRH Ibiza Road Trip (or maybe it was something to do with a medieval festival) the whole place was decked out in bunting with stalls serving slabs of meat, black sausages and ye olde worlde mojitos. Expecting an impromptu acoustic set from Blackmore’s Night around every bend, the long and winding fort road eventually lead to a Cathedral worthy of Papa Emeritus III in its scale and grandeur. If you thought HRH culture stopped at a pint of St Miguel and a leaf through Marca think again. Now off to the Irish bar to watch some football…


The Ghost Of Motorhead

Anything goes at the HRH Ibiza Road Trip but even regulars were surprised to see one of British metal’s most legendary figures sporting a Ghost t-shirt under his jacket. Phil Campbell – replete with his trademark trilby – may appear an unlikely fan of Papa Emeritus and the Nameless Ghouls…and he is. Talking to HRH Mag after a barnstormimg set by the Motorhead legend and his brilliant Bastard Sons, the veteran guitar hero offered a simple explanation for his bold choice of band tee. “At my age there aren’t many shirts that fit me,” he said. “This is one those shirts.” There are glowing endorsements of Ghost. And then there’s Phil Campbell’s endorsement of the mysterious metallers.


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