Out May 26

(Self Released)


Hades, the third EP by Carlisle-based metallers Triverse Massacre, is an intense listening experience.

Comparisons with At The Gates and Lamb Of God are valid but the Cumbrians are a lot nastier and heavier than both. Fans of those bands should find plenty to enjoy in these four songs but Triverse Massacre are unlikely to enjoy the same commercial success or find themselves supporting Megadeth at Wembley Arena anytime soon.

This is death metal of the purest strain and destined to remain in the underground.

And that’s not intended to be an insult. The band deals in an especially aggressive strain of metal that’s powered by blast beats and low register growls so aspiring to produce a gold-selling record probably isn’t high on the agenda.

The pace is blistering and if the lyrics are a tough nut to crack then Hades is still an enjoyable slice of metal at its most feral.

In addition the musicianship is of a consistently high standard. The drum work is remarkable and there are some cool guitar passages subtly sneaking melody into the mix. Once you get past how brutal it is, it’s genuinely striking how skilled Triverse Massacre really are.

Whether this will lead to major success remains to be seen and if one thing stands in the quintet’s way it’s that they haven’t stumbled across a distinct identity yet. This is a band clearly in thrall to bands like Cryptopsy and Aborted and if Triverse Massacre haven’t emerged from their shadows just yet then Hades is very much a step in the right direction.

Tim Bolitho-Jones


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