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Self-assured? Self-indulgent? Selfless? Little Hurricane’s third long player can appear to be all three. It’s brave. It’s decadent. And, at times, it’s altruistic in its desire to lay bare an ambitious creative core. Depending on your mood Same Sun, Same Moon is three records wrapped up in one and there’s no easy way into – or out of – this .

Anthony ‘Tone’ Catalano and Celeste ‘CC’ Spina have come up with something quite remarkable on a record so diverse it hurts. In their quest to embrace ‘dirty blues’ (whatever that may be) the duo have, in fact, reached out to a fan base that may count everyone from Royal Blood to Train amongst their favourites. A refreshingly DIY approach to writing and recording sets them apart from rock’s over-produced arena behemoths but there’s still a definite commercial appeal to OTL and Lake Tahoe Eyes.

The very antithesis of ‘on trend’ there’s no doubt Little Hurricane are niche. But that’s no bad thing. Introspective instrumental March Of The Living might well refer to a 28-mile barefoot trek through the mountains of San Diego that almost took Tone’s life but it’s also indicative of a band without boundaries.

Give Little Hurricane a chance. They might just blow you away.


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