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(Mascot Records)

Whether you’re a country kid, a classic rocker or you look for gospel-tinged soul in your music then Wade Waist Deep delivers. It’s Wynn Wynn.

In fact it’s founder Thomas Wynn, his sister Olivia and a host of super talented pals  pulling together myriad influences to create a very special record. Imagine Crosby, Stills and Nash mixed with Rival Sons and Gov’t Mule. Or your favourite Vintage Trouble track turned up to 11.

Awash with waves of Hammond organ (check out the wonderful Heartbreak Alley), ambitious guitar licks and the constant battle for prominence between the ultra-competitive Wynn siblings, Wade Waist Deep is both deliciously dark and strangely uplifting.

Given the Thomas and Olivia’s upbringing at the heart of a close knit church community it’s perhaps no surprise that there’s a quasi-religious feel to much of the material here. Think of the The Believers as modern-day preachers and their message is clear: music is the future.

Mountain Rock‘s pounding rhythm creates a genuine ear worm while My Eyes Won’t Be Open celebrates the band’s vibrant musical soul. But it’s Colin Daniel Fei’s Hammond that always threatens to steal the show – and it does.



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