Want to read about the new breed of doom and stoner bands laying waste to the UK’s metal scene? Ready to go back in time to 1987 and celebrate 30 years of Hysteria, the launch of MTV’s Headbangers’ Ball, hair metal excess and Andy Taylor’s decision to turn his back on Duran Duran all in the name of rock?

Keen to catch up with prog legends Hawkwind, doomsters My Dying Bride, retro rock and roll heroes The Dead Daisies, stoner crew Black Moth and blues rock supergroup Black Country Communion? Need to look ahead to this autumn’s HRH festivals and look back on the best of 2017 so far?

You need the next issue of HRH Mag.

Here at HRH Mag HQ we’ve been working around the clock to ready our September issue. And it’s already looking like a bumper read – with exclusive interviews and the latest album and live reviews.

But HRH Mag is more than just a magazine. It’s a way of life. And once again we’ll be bringing you everything from beer to vinyl and big screen classics to the loudest bikes.

Plus we find out more about the legendary Dark Circle!

As copies of Volume I of HRH Mag quickly become collector’s items we’ve been inundated with readers asking how they get their hands on Volume II.

The answer is via our brand new subscription offer!

Click here and you can get the next FOUR issues of HRH Mag – out September, November, February and April – for just £10.99 delivered to your door. Hassle free and bursting with brand new content.

It’s the only place you’ll find a comprehensive round up of the HRH festival scene – putting you at the very heart of Europe’s fastest growing rock and metal community. And the only place you’ll find the full range of the music you love with every genre celebrated in style.

“We’ve been overwhelmed with the positive reaction to our first magazine but almost as soon as it was published people started asking how they could collect every subsequent issue,” said HRH Mag Editor In Chief Simon Rushworth.

“We realised we need to offer a subscription service to members of the HRH community who couldn’t make every festival, every year but who didn’t want to miss out on their magazine.

“And that’s the point. This magazine belongs to the HRH community so it makes sense that we make it as easy as possible for everyone to enjoy the music, bands and lifestyle that they love.

“The next two issues are looking really special with some cracking interviews and features. We were really proud of Volume I but Volume II takes things to a whole new level.”

Subscribe now and receive the next issue of HRH Mag by September 1. And if you can’t wait until then don’t forget that hrhmag.com is updated daily!


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