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As fellow nu-metal pioneers Linkin Park continue to bury any lasting reminders of their riff-fuelled past, Papa Roach remain bullish in their determination to blend the old with the new.

Sure, Jacoby Shaddix and co. have come a long way since 1997 debut Old Friends From Young Years and they’re worlds apart from the fresh-faced crew who burst onto the scene with smash hit Last Resort.

But heavy rock guitars, catchy choruses and rap rock remain at the heart of Crooked Teeth. This is unmistakable Roach – My Medication is like a nasty version of Shinedown and Born For Greatness offers a timely lesson to the increasingly flaky LP: a space still exists between the light and the heavy in the race for enormodome domination.

Credit is due to Shaddix and his single-minded band mates – Crooked Teeth doesn’t compromise in any way, shape or form and yet it’s an exciting progression from 2015’s F.E.A.R..

Anti-anthem American Dreams has the potential to stand toe to toe with anything Papa Roach have served up in the past and it’s symptomatic of the consistent quality here.

Nu-metal? Maybe not. But this is essential new metal that demands respect.


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