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Wednesday 13’s horror infused rock returns in the form of latest release Condolences. His latest effort pairs the usual over the top and menacing lyrics with pounding heavy metal to create an atmospheric record closer in spirit to a slasher movie soundtrack than a rock album.

Having previously focused on melodic, heavy rock with tongue in cheek lyrics about death, Wednesday 13 fully embraces the darkness the change in genre brings to this record.

Punctuated with interludes (confirmed by the man himself to directly feature in his upcoming live shows), Condolences feels structured in acts to become increasingly dark.

Second track, What The Night Brings, feels like a perfect embodiment of Halloween. Wednesday’s snarling vocals creep along the sinister guitar that drives the track at a rampant pace.

Cadaverous continues the anthemic tone, before the album breaks into full sprint and metal mode, with track after track building the first half of Condolences feeling like a warm up act for what is to follow.

The standout song by some distance has to be the insanely fun Cruel To You. It wouldn’t sound out of place on a Mötley Crüe album if not for the twisted lyrics, ‘I just want to hurt you, beat you black and blue. I just want to be so cruel to you’. As close to a ballad as Wednesday is likely to come, the words come across as sweet talk with a sickly undertone.

The last songs play out as the album’s final act. Title track Condolences slows things down with Wednesday’s growl becoming a whisper that floats around an impressive guitar solo and numerous horror sounds to push the atmosphere up another level one last time.

The entire album is incredibly polished with some fantastic production that should translate into an Alice Cooper-esque stage show. Condolences is morbid and wickedly cruel in its lyrics, but fun nonetheless. Not one to play in front of your family but it will certainly wake you up on the daily commute…

Andy Spoors




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