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Switzerland…a nation famous for its neutrality, milk chocolate, Roger Federer and Burning Witches. Yes, Burning Witches.

Occupying a space somewhere between the legendary Warlock and latter day screamers Huntress, five of the feistiest women this side of the Alps make trad metal the way it was meant to be.

Pounding riffs, overblown lyrics and a keen sense of theatre make for one of the most compelling and accessible records of 2017. There’s substance behind the style, even if Burning Witches go as big on their looks as they do on the hooks.

Opener Black Widow takes the liberty of referencing a ‘huntress’ and if Jill Janus is listening to this record anytime soon it has to be hoped she comes to the conclusion that imitation is, indeed, the sincerest form of flattery. Otherwise Burning Witches can expect a particularly nasty curse coming their way sometime soon.

But it’s not as if the noisy quartet try to conceal their influences. Their commitment to trad metal should be admired – not mocked – and fans of Accept, Maiden and Dragonforce will all find a Burning Witches anthem to make their own.

Metal Demons is the very epitome of METAL and if singer Seraina Telli only just about holds it together on pseudo ballad Save Me then it hardly matters. This is all about volume. And all about venom.


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