Twenty-something metal queen Moscow is poised to unleash her triple threat on the music world after releasing the Queen Of Sin EP.

The Russian singer, songwriter and dancer has revealed she was forced to quit her home country or face drifting into the pop wilderness.

And now Moscow – who splits her time between the UK and US – is ready to take her rock and roll masterplan to the next level.

“In Russia, the market is dominated by cheap pop music,” she said. “It is next to impossible for a rock/metal band to break out.

“But I hung out with some really dedicated and talented people and they taught me not to give up.

“They all thought I was older – I think I celebrated my 18th birthday for five years straight.” After relocating to Cambridge and New York, Moscow was trained in musical theater and became a triple threat – dancing, singing and acting.

“Musical theater will always be in my heart,” she added. “Anytime I visit Broadway or the West End, I must go see a new musical. In London, I became friends with the cast of Rock Of Ages.”

Inspired by the hit stage show Moscow finally found her feet in Los Angeles – home of her Sunset Strop heroes and the stage for the brand new Queen Of Sin video.

“In popular music, I believe it’s time to look back to our roots – the richness of Muddy Waters, the theatricality of Alice Cooper, the romanticised excess of Motley Crue – and combine what we learn from them with a 21st century outlook,” she added.

The team of Shawn McGhee (Hideout Studios – Hellyeah, Five Finger Death Punch, Papa Roach) and Brian Steel Madina (Gemini Syndrome) produced Queen of Sin.

“Working with Moscow was straight fire,” said McGhee. “From the moment she walked in the studio we knew she had something amazing to offer.

“She has the attitude and the talent to back it up,” added co-producer, Brian Steel Madina. “It’s refreshing to work with someone who has such a clear vision of her endgame. Moscow is a force to be reckoned with.”

Moscow collaborated with RAGE (Trivium, Hatebreed, Escape The Fate) on the Queen of Sin. “She fit her name and one would think she’s already toured the world several times and have sold a few million albums,”said RAGE.”On set she was fearless, her natural charisma just overwhelms you.

“Even my crew – some of whom are just hip hop heads – as well as some of the background talent were all asking for her autograph and wanting pictures by the end of the day.

“She was transforming herself in that very moment and it was with no effort because, in my opinion, not only is Moscow ready to sneak attack the world of rock and metal but she is truly and wonderfully…The Queen of Sin.”

Look out for a full review of the Queen Of Sin EP via HRH Mag soon.


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