Out Now

(Frontiers Records)


Right now The Ferrymen could sink or swim.

On the one hand their overly generic songwriting will bore those seeking an innovative take on hard rock. But there will be plenty quick to gravitate towards a studio project that benefits from a slick production and serious focus.

Frontman Ronnie Romero unleashes his inner Ronnie James Dio and it’s immediately obvious why Ritchie Blackmore handpicked the singer to lead the revived Rainbow: equally comfortable hitting the high notes as he is getting low down and dirty, his is a voice perfectly suited to The Ferrymen’s modern take on 70s-inspired rock.

Fool You All and Still Standing Up may offer the multi-skilled Magnus Karlsson (guitars, bass and keyboards) an easy opportunity to let rip as the musical maestro driving this talented trio. But Romero is the real star.

Hitting his peak on the epic One Heart, it’s clear the singer belongs on the biggest stage. But after so many years in the classic rock wilderness, Blackmore is only interested in brief forays into the big arenas and it’s doubtful the The Ferrymen will ever become a serious live concern.

This self-assured, self-titled album is a neat and tidy addition to the Frontiers stable. Nevertheless, even Romero can’t provide that elusive creative spark. Without it, The Ferrymen are going nowhere fast.


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