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(EMP Label Group)


Slaughter’s memorable HRH AOR V set might have relied heavily on the band’s glittering hard rock past but an exquisite performance from the band’s driving force only served to ramp up expectation levels ahead of Mark Slaughter’s new solo release.

Halfway There, now it’s here, is a defiant kick in the balls to those who believed the charismatic singer’s best days were a thing of the past. It’s a triumphant celebration of Slaughter’s unique talent – the title track, Devoted and Forevermore standing toe-to-toe with the best of his hair metal-era anthems.

Only occasionally evoking the brazen refrain of Stick It To Ya, it may be a more mellow affair than Slaughter’s 1990 debut (Halfway There has more in common with slicker follow-up The Wild Life) but it’s another vocal tour de force.

Mark Slaughter has never lost that intuitive ability to connect with the listener: he sings like he means it and undoubtedly does. As the principle songwriter, musician and producer on Halfway There it’s impossible to ignore the sense that the Nevada native is utterly immersed in (and invested in) a seriously compelling album.