Be warned – flamboyant frontman Josh Todd has confirmed his new band are a more ‘reckless’ version of Buckcherry!

Todd and Buckcherry band mate Stevie D. will release a new album in September after taking a break from the day job.

And fans can expect the unexpected from Josh Todd & The Conflict’s debut according to the man himself.

“I have a lot of storytelling in me and I always wanted to start another band,” said Todd. “Something more reckless and off the beaten rock path.

“A lot of changes had taken place in Buckcherry and I didn’t want to go another year without making new music.

“BC is in a great place – we have a great new line-up and we have a handful of dates to complete this year.

“However, my full attention is on Josh Todd & The Conflict and the record dropping on September 15.

“We’re gonna do a worldwide tour behind this. My goal is to give each band a break so I can stay consistently making music without over touring and build both situations into something really cool.”

JT&TC have released a video for the title track of the new album Year Of The Tiger – released via Century Media Records.

The clip, directed by Chris Cuffaro (Pearl Jam, George Michael), is the first of three videos shot as a mini-concert last month in the band’s hometown of Los Angeles.

The two remaining videos will be released over the next few months.

“The album’s title track, Year Of The Tiger, was one of the first songs we wrote for the record and also became one of my favorite songs I have ever written,” added Todd.

“Like most good songs, it came together very quickly. As soon as Stevie sent me the music, the lyrics and melodies poured out of me.

“I’m a huge fan of Hannibal and the show Narcos – while also being into the big cats. In Hannibal, they had a character that would feed despicable people to his pigs and I thought that was pretty demented and interesting.

“Also, I am always fascinated with people that have the balls to choose a life or crime. So this track is about a guy living on the edge with a manhunt going on for his life – ending in death by tigers.”



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