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Twelve albums in and Iced Earth are past masters at making metal masterpieces that resonate as much with early 80s traditionalists as they do with the genre’s new breed.

Incorruptible is both accessible and edgy. It benefits from a crisp production and yet retains a raw and visceral feel.

Stylistically it veers wildly from the Queensryche-esque progressive rock of The Veil to the thrash metal fury that is Seven Headed Whore. Never a band to choose the conservative over the ambitious, Iced Earth are self-confident without sounding cocky.

Sure, set closer Clear The Way (December 13, 1862) could prompt accusations of excess. The title alone is a mouthful and a song clocking in at nine-and-a-half minutes might appear to be a needless vanity project. It’s nothing of the sort. Iced Earth were made for the epic and the thought-provoking and the last of Incorruptible’s 10 tracks ticks both boxes.

Whether this cerebral release will win new fans is anyone’s guess. What’s certain is that the Iced Earth faithful will lap up every meticulously conceived minute.



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