With less than six weeks to go until Ramblin’ Man Fair, Blues Stage stars The Quireboys have been inspired to record an album dedicated to the music that made rock and roll.

The band will stamp their mark on a series of blues classics featuring genre legends including Muddy Waters, Taj Mahal, Chuck Berry and Billy Boy Arnold.

And guitarist Guy Griffin revealed the prospect of a Ramblin’ Man exclusive set quickly prompted talk of a brand new album.

“Spike and I met [festival organiser] Chris Ingham earlier this year and he floated the idea of us playing the Blues Stage,” he said.

“We jumped at the chance – it’s great to do something a little different and play some of the songs that have influenced all of us at one time or another.

“Once we’d agreed to play those songs live there was a real temptation to get into the studio and put a Quireboys slant on some great songs.

“And that’s what we’ve chosen – great songs. I love the groove of the blues and I always have done.”

Further details on the new Quireboys album – and a release date – will be revealed soon with the band back in the UK following their performance at Finland’s Fishbait Rock Festival.

“It was an incredibly picturesque setting with the main stage set on a lake,” said guitarist Paul Guerin.

“I love travelling to places like that and seeing different parts of the world.

“The crowd was great but there was one problem. It was more like the Finnish midge festival! We’ve all been devoured in the last few days.”

The Quireboys play Ramblin’ Man Fair on Sunday July 30.