Out June 30

(Napalm Records)


Pirate metal? Not really. Folk rock? Nope. A bizarre journey back in time to an era when it didn’t really matter whether a song was any good? Getting warmer.

The overriding feeling as you navigate your way through the frankly bizarre First Night Back In Port  is one of disorientation and disappointment.

Ye Banished Privateers’ Alestorm-lite shanties are meant to ferry the listener back to the ‘cruel world of the 18th century’. Cruel indeed: if this is what passed as melody back then it seems we’re living in a golden age of music.

Consequently, you’re more likely to favour staying put. Far from putting the ‘jolly’ into the Jolly Roger, this lot represent the ‘shiver’ in shiver me timbers. Honest and moving or misplaced and hopeless – there are two ways of looking at this ragtag record and right now it’s got to be the latter.

A Night At The Schwarzer Kater and Eastindiamen are passable drinking anthems but pirate metal feeds of passion and power. Neither are much in evidence on First Night Back In Port with the woefully weak Skippy Aye Yo and Mermaid’s Kiss really scraping the barrel.

Apparently there are 30 members of Ye Banished Privateers but it’s time for the cream to rise to the top. Or for the weak links to walk the plank.



  1. I am wondering – while it is perfectly alright for the reviewer to simply not like any given record, whatever made them expect this to be any kind of metal album at all? I have never heard of anyone who would brand the Privateers’ music ‘Pirate Metal’, nor does the band claim it is.

    • Hi Christian and thanks for getting in touch. I concede that the Privateers do not claim to be Pirate Metal – this is a label I attached to them after listening to the record a few times. Perhaps it’s not the correct one, although they are nearer to Pirate Metal than the majority of other genres I listen to in terms of lyrical content and song structure (admittedly their sound is more folk and less metal). What would you suggest?

  2. Sorry, Simon, when I say it that hard, but people who are not familiar with different music genres maybe shouldn’t write music reviews. “although they are nearer to Pirate Metal than the majority of other genres I listen to in terms of lyrical content and song structure (admittedly their sound is more folk and less metal)” – Yes, it IS folk and it is NO metal 😀 In your definition many old sea shanties would be kinda metal because of the lyrics 😀 I do not critisize that you maybe don’t like YBP’s music and having a different oppinion than their fans or other review writers. Thats totally okay. Would be horror if everyone would like the same shit. But all your critics are about why it is too soft for metal, you pick out a ballad and say there’s no booze-atmosphere – of course not 😀 One more time – It is NO METAL, it is FOLK. And to compare YBP with a metal band like Alestorm just because of the lyrical content (yes, both is about pirates, and thats the only common ground) is hilarious! Man, you really should expand your musical horizon. I did not wanna piss you off with my words or in any way offend you, but I really had the impression you not really know about what you are writing. I say this not primarily as a fan of this band but as somebody who knows and likes very different kinds of music (I like Alestorm and many other metal bands, too – when I was a child the first music album I got was No Sleep Til Hammersmith from Motorhead, I grew up with that stuff, decades ago). And my heart is bleeding when I see that a music critic muddles music genres and compares bands which have nothing to do with each other. Please, learn, young padawan, worthwhile it will be 😉 Sincerely, Duke

    • No way have you pissed me off or offended me – and even if you had I’d love to see more people taking the time to comment and offer their opinions. That’s what music is all about Duke (or should I say Yoda). Opinions. I’ve taken all of your comments on board and genuinely appreciate you getting involved. Keep in touch!


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