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(Big Machine)


Currently touring the UK (look out for HRH Mag’s Road Report soon) and refusing to compromise, the evergreen Cheap Trick have somehow managed to surpass the supreme Bang, Zoom, Crazy…Hello with a second sensational long player in little more than a year.

Just how Rick Nielson and Robin Zander continue to mine a rich seam of classic rock creativity is anyone’s guess but We’re All Alright! is a perfectly apt description of a band in rude health.

Actually, scrub that. Cheap Trick have grossly underplayed their form on their 18th album – this is much, much more than alright. It’s the perfect soundtrack to the summer with a fusion of dreamy pop and angsty rock – that classic sound that’s become synonymous with Nielson and Zander down the years.

If opener You Got It Going On boasts the groove and guile to give Rival Sons a run for their money then Floating Down evokes The Flame and the band’s cover of The Move’s Blackberry Way is simply divine.

There’s New York Dolls-style swagger and Fleetwood Mac-inspired melody: in fact this is a veritable melting pot of modern rock soaked in Cheap Trick’s 44-year-old vintage. Quality and quantity? Remarkably Nielson and Zander still guarantee both.