Decapitated duo Rasta and Vogg have been chatting about their favourite tracks on Anticult following the release of their brand new album.

The Polish extreme metal crew unleashed eight killer tunes on Friday and is based on a concept conceived and written by Rasta.

Anticult looks at the abstract idea of who and what we, as humans, are.

“You can find ‘cults’ everywhere and in everything we do,” explained Vogg. “Anticult, from one point of view, is a rage against all of these values. An impulse.

“It makes you think: ‘What kind of world do we live in? Who or what pulls the strings? And what is our role here?’.

“So think of the title as finding your own ‘cult’. In that regard, Anticult is, from another point of view, about illumination. Or Noesis.”

Watch Rasta and Vogg talk their top tunes here



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