Adimiron founder Alessandro Castelli has promised fans a psychedelic trip into the human consciousness on brand new single The Sentinel.

Newly signed to Indie Recordings and with new album Et Liber Eris due on November 3, the Italian death metal powerhouse are planning a full throttle assault on 2017.

The Sentinel is the first shot off the bows and Castelli said: “Our new journey starts with a jump into the darkest depths of the human consciousness, evoking memories, unspoken thoughts that connect us inextricably with the intangible.

The Sentinel is there, ready to accompany us on our psychedelic trip, through reflections of what we feel but cannot touch.

“Enjoy these first minutes from Et Liber Eris, where the extreme soul of the band comes out and dissolves in a progressive, dramatic scenario.”

Evoking a fusion of old school Opeth and classic Porcupine Tree, Adimiron’s progressive death metal has ensured Et Liber Eris is one of 2017’s must-hear releases – featuring eight tracks of punishing and thought-provoking noise.




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