Out July 14

(Nuclear Blast)


It’s 25 years since Tobias Sammet hatched a grand plan to form the most far out and fun power metal band on the planet. Incredibly that vision was realised. And a quarter of a century down the line Edguy continue to put a broad smile on the faces of fans the world over.

This fulsome celebration of the band’s biggest hits, lesser known gems and the odd new tune confirms that Sammet has always had a knack for penning chorus-driven metal anthems. The earworms are everywhere.

But there are times when Edguy veer from the light-hearted to the plain ridiculous. Just how a band responsible for the potty mouthed Lavatory Love Machine can claim any kind of credibility is a question that’s still to be answered. Remarkably, it remains a live favourite and has barely diminished the band’s glowing reputation.

Elsewhere Sammet hits his stride on the power ballad Save Me and there is a serious side to a singer whose default setting is ‘crazy’. The dance rock of King Of Fools is typically crisp and the epic Out Of Control – underpinned by a Faith No More-esque rhythm and a Maiden-styled vocal – says it all!

It’s no surprise Edguy continue to sell out shows the length and breadth of their native Germany and beyond. There’s something about their insanely catchy metal that’s utterly absorbing and impossible to dislike. Yes, there are times when Sammet and co. go too far. But if it really gets out of control we can always call the Space Police.



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