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As incendiary as it is intimate, In This Moment’s sixth studio album truly represents the LA band’s ascension into metal’s big leagues.

An artistic triumph, it could easily have foundered on a cover of Phil Collins’ In The Air Tonight (who, in their right mind covers Collins?) but that song alone encapsulates the self-belief and courage at the heart of a riveting modern rock record.

Long gone is the occasionally nauseating metalcore that prevented In This Moment from realising their true potential a decade ago. These days Maria Brink and co. are commercially viable and on fire creatively: Joan Of Arc is brooding industrial-tinged metal of the highest quality and the expansive River Of Fire fuses tribal beats with a brilliant vocal to steal the show.

Even the Collins cover is a haunting, heroic effort. And when Brink teams up with heavy metal royalty in the shape of Judas Priest’s Rob Halford on the Billy Idol hybrid Black Wedding it can only be described as mindblowing.

In This Moment represent modern metal better than most. And they do so with pride.



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