All this week we’re focusing on the must-see bands at the 2017 Ramblin’ Man Fair and today we turn the spotlight on blues brother Jack J Hutchinson.


Date: Sunday July 30

Time: 1pm-1.35pm

Stage: Four Roses Blues Stage

Don’t miss: Fight Fire With Fire – The Beatles-esque blues is tailor made to entice the early Sunday afternoon crowd. Classy and cool.

Latest album: Set Your Heart For The Sun (2017)

Star Man: He boasts his very own brotherhood so there must be something special about rising blues star Jack J Hutchinson. And there is. Endearing, entertaining and entering an exciting period of his fledgling career.

What we said: The band name might not roll off the tongue but the music is catchy as hell. Hutchinson frequently puts the ‘Boom’ into the Boom Boom Brotherhood…truly dazzling (HRH Mag album review, 2017)