Chris Robertson has admitted that Black Stone Cherry might be crazy – but releasing an EP of blues covers best reflects how the band love to kick back.

The Kentucky quartet have laid down six blues classics ahead of the release of September’s Black Go Blues EP release.

And Robertson said: “I know it’s crazy for four rock n’ roll dudes to make a blues EP but it’s us sharing with everyone the music that’s been our DNA from day one.

“Blues is the music we listen to when we sit around on the bus with a bottle of bourbon.

“A defining moment for me was realising all the rock n’ roll that I loved came from the blues.

“The blues is such honest music. When you hear it, it’s like ‘I’m down on my luck, and, damn, that guy gets just how I feel.

“I hope by sharing this music we have the beautiful opportunity to expose a new generation to the blues.”

Black To Blues pays homage to the fertile 1960s era of electric blues where the masters pushed boundaries with experimentation and volume. The EP includes covers by Howlin’ Wolf, Muddy Waters, Freddie King, and Albert King.

The album was recorded in a burst at David Barrick’s Barrick Recording – the same studio where the band recorded their recent album Kentucky.

“Our approach was to do these songs as we’ve written them, with attitude and heavy guitar,” added Robertson.

Black To Blues opens with the Howlin’ Wolf classic Built For Comfort. On Champagne & Reefer, BSC mesmerise with deft slide guitar playing and powerful contrasting haunting and hefty dynamics.

Other standouts include a raucous version of Muddy Waters’ I Want To Be Loved and a rendition of Freddie King’s Palace Of King where BSC ‘moved one note to make it more dark’ according to Robertson.

He added: “It was humbling and freeing at the same time. It reignited our passion for this music, and it will definitely have an effect on our next album.”

Black To Blues is available via Mascot Records on September 29.



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