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“Goat toes are the new cowbells.” So says Shaman’s Harvest rhythm guitarist Josh Hamler. And he means it.

The body parts of farm animals are just some of the tools used to create the weird and wonderful sound that is Shaman’s Harvest. Producer Keith Armstrong went the extra mile in search of a unique vibe on Red Hands Black Deeds.

Blood Trophies and A Longer View both benefit from the goat’s toes and the scraping of sandpaper underpins Scavengers. It’s both unsettling and liberating.

But less about the quirks and what about the overall consistency and musical quality?

Well, Shaman’s Harvest are a hard rock outfit in the finest traditions – creating a soulful, as-live sound using vintage analog equipment and a talent for crafting timeless classics.

There are times when the search for a sonic USP sees the Missouri troupe drift into soundtrack territory but this is a band that does haunting melancholy so well.

Shaman’s Harvest are a hard rock band. But they’re unlike most other hard rock bands. And, as such, they’re something quite special.



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